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You have many choices in the free market to select your next CNC Lathe. Some uses the word Seiki which mean precision. Some uses the words TRUE, HONEST, QUALITY or simply using the word valid, which is suppose to instill confidence in your decision. 

Chevalier Machinery is a straight forward Internationally sold product line. No guessing as to it's ability to perform. Why experiment and assist others in product development at your expense with poor performance or bad designs.

As more and more products enter that market, it makes decisions even more confusing for buyers. At Tas Iron Ltd, we support and offer only one brand. Offering Chevalier Machinery,  allows us to fully support all aspects from technical to design features and changes from customer inputs. 

Double FBL-360 • 460 Slant-Bed Lathe With Box Way

FBL-360 • 460 Slant-Bed Lathe With Box Way

Models:  FBL-360BFBL-360BLFBL-360B MCFBL-360BL MC
Swing over bed30.32" 30.32" 30.32" 30.32" 
Swing over cover21.65"21.65"21.65"21.65"
Max. cutting diameter22.44"22.44"17.80"22.44"
Max. cutting length30"76"29"76"
Distance between centers40.16"86.6"40.16"86.6"
Spindle noseA2-11A2-11A2-11A2-11
Chuck size15"15"15"15"
Spindle bore5.3"5.3"5.3"5.3"
Spindle Speed2500250025002500
Spindle motor (cont/30min)30 / 3530 / 3525 / 3025 / 30
Bar capacity4.5"4.5"4.5"4.5"
Z-axis travel32.3"78"32.3"78"
X-axis travel12.6"12.6"12.6"12.6"
Z-axis rapid traverse708590708590
X-axis rapid traverse708590708590 to add text.